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Eleven Hours from Ordinary

neither live nor journal.

15 July
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*, 42, acting, ain't it cool news, amélie, animation, arsagas, badly drawn boy, batman begins, beatles, beer volcano, being john malkovich, bob dylan, british accents, c:dos/. c:dos run. run/dos/run, caver and malony, charlie chaplin, chasing amy, cheese, china!, christopher nolan, city of lost children, clerks, clerks., converse fuzz, converse fuzzies, cosmo kramer, dave barry, dogma, donnie darko, douglas adams, dr. pepper, edward scissorhands, el mariachi, elaine benes, elvis costello, england, ennio morricone, fhs, fhs forensics, film, filmmaking, firefly, flying spaghetti monsterism, food, forensics, forensics and debate, foriegn films, friends, futurama, future cameras, g5, garden state, george carlin, george costanza, george orwell, gin blossoms, gorillaz, h2g2, hating fullscreen dvds, hating on napoleon dynamite, hippies, his noodly appendage, hollis, howl's moving castle, imac, independent films, indie, indie rock, itunes, jackie brown, japan, jean-pierre jeunet, jerry seinfeld, joblo, jonathan richman, junior mints, kafka, kevin smith, kill bill, love, low-top converse all-stars, macs, making films, making movies, mallrats, memento, mitch all together, mitch hedberg, modest mouse, monty python, movies, music, nes, new pornographers, newman, nfl (not football), nightmare before christmas, nirvana, not voting for pedro, old 97's, photography, photoshop, photoshopping, princess bride, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, rage against the machine, reading, red bananas, reed indeed, robert rodriguez, seinfeld, serenity, sharpies, sid vicious, sin city, six flags, slashdot, sleeping, smacky the frog, smokey the bear, so says i, southland tales, spy kids, stars, storms, strike-anywhere matches, taking skinheads bowling, the band, the beatles, the clash, the flaming lips, the princess bride, the shins, the simpsons, the sims, the smashing pumpkins, the talking heads, the violent femmes, they might be giants, thrift stores, tim hollis, uhf, watching everything on dvds, watching movies, weird al, writing, writing on converses