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It's almost...odd. I haven't posted in this thing for so long. Sometimes I feel that journals in general have let me down, and I stand by the fact that nobody's really interested in reading about my life, or anybody else's. People have made the general trend of shifting toward facebook for their social needs, and trends will do as trends will do.
It's a new year, so I say to hell with the insecurities, awkwardness and regrets of last year and I'll start off fresh.
Which isn't to say 2006 was a bad year.
Which isn't to say 2007 is going to be necessarily spectacular.

But here I am yet again, with a new outlook, and some serious stress (Emerson's due tomorrow, CSF in a week or two, along with odds and ends--FAFSA, some scholarship essays, etc.), and stability. I know where I'm going and what I'm doing.

I've lost friends, and gained friends this past year. To the friends I've lost--I'm sorry. To the friends I've gained--Let's make 2007 something neat.

It's a new year. Does that make us new people? Or does that remind us the same people with the same problems. I think it's the latter. The beginning of a year is often seen as a 'clean slate' for many, but I think the slate is just as dirty as ever. It's just now that we realize that we do in fact have the power to clean it.

Happy Belated New Year's, everybody.


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Jan. 4th, 2007 10:49 pm (UTC)
Happy New Years Corey!!

I never update journals simply because I don't have anything about me to write about.

I hope you get that Emerson thing done, good luck with all of them!
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